Easy Installation

The Kleen-Screen is easy to install and keep clean. Simply remove from the box, cut to size, and attach to your Air Conditioner and start saving money right away!

Prevents Clogged Coils

The innovative idea that brought the Kleen-Screen into existence came from the very obvious need to block the grass, fluff from dandelions and other plants.

Clean Coils Save Energy

The Earth friendly Kleen Screen has been held to the standards set by a study done by Pacific Gas and Electric as has been outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program.

Kleen-Screen Kit Content

The kit includes:
1. 39 inch magnetic tracks with double sided adhesive strips
2. 39 inch by 120 inch mesh filter screen
3. 39 inch easy to use snap-on cover tracks
4. Nylon security straps with clips for added security
You receive one roll of the mesh filter screen along with two magnetic tracks, adhesive strips, and security straps.Kleen Screen Assembly is fast and easy. The Kleen Screen is remarkably easy to assemble. Considering every benefit it offers, you may expect a rather involved process and complex instructions. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly you can be providing protection from debris for your air conditioning condenser.


Most condenser units have a spot where the Kleen Screen does not have to cover for the air flow. If your unit coverage area is larger than 120 inches, call us, we can custom build a unit for you. Generally the upgrade cost is $10 per linear ft.