Clean Coils Run Cooler and Reduce Wear

Clean coils in the air conditioning condenser are essential for better performance. Initially, the difference is subtle, often over a period of a few months. Over time, though, you will start to notice that you are turning the thermostat down more and more. It just doesn’t seem like the cool air is really all that cool any longer.

Eventually, you will probably call for a service technician because you are starting to think that there might be something wrong with compressor. In reality, there is. Clogged coils make it impossible for the unit to run at full strength and be highly effective.

A service call is a lot more expensive than the Kleen-Screen. The technician can show you the amount of debris that is pulled from the condenser coils. A simple protection device allows for the air conditioning unit to run at full capacity while using less energy.

Wear and tear on the condenser can be harsh. Every piece of the unit must function in its job in order for the whole system to run smoothly. If one part of the whole is lagging far behind it creates a problem for the rest of the team. While the coils are working twice as hard to get to their normal level of output, the rest of the unit is off balance too.

Wear and tear on an air conditioning condenser can easily have a dramatic effect. Simply cleaning out the unit once or twice a year is not really going to be enough to get the benefits of a Kleen-Screen. If you are cleaning out the unit then you already know the debris is finding its way in. Prevention is a much better option than being reactive to a clog that stimulates an automatic shutdown.

Replacing an air conditioning unit is a very expensive endeavor. It is even more expensive if you are replacing it in the summer time because your original one no longer operates. Clogged coils often mean higher than average commissions for sales people. You have a need and you are more than likely going to be willing to pay for it considering how uncomfortable it is outside.

Why put yourself and your family through all of this when a Kleen-Screen is so easy to use and comes at such a low price? The use of a screen kit can be one of the smartest and easiest ways to offer protection to your investment. Your family can rely on the cooling effects because you were protecting the unit from potential damage. With lower energy bills and peace of mind ease for a lifetime of faithful service from your central air system, this is the device that has been praised for its innovation.

Your comfort is paramount, especially in your own home. Home is the one place where all should be kept as comfortable as possible. You get easy to follow step by step instructions for fitting and installation, and yet there are no tools required. You will love the difference the Kleen-Screen makes in your sense of air conditioning security.