Kleen-Screen Prevents Clogged Coils

The revolutionary Kleen-Screen gives your air conditioning condenser the ultimate protection. The most effective way to make your air conditioner last is to protect the coils from clogging. Clogs reduce efficiency and they shorten the life span of the condenser coils. The ease of which you can provide great protection is pleasantly surprising. Protecting an investment like a central air system can be done in only a few minutes.

Why Do Clogged Coils Matter?

Your air conditioning condenser is an outdoor appliance. It would be reasonable to assume that it was built to withstand the outdoor environment. In many ways, actually, it is. It can stand up to rain and snow, and obviously the sun doesn’t bother it. What is missing is a clear way to prevent airborne debris from entering the unit. The debris can do more damage than the sun, snow, and rain combined.

The coils are responsible for making the refreshingly cool air that you feel coming from the vents. This process can use up a significant amount of energy if the coils are not well kept. Debris that clogs and coats the coils makes the job of cooling the air down much more difficult.

When the coils become clogged the airflow into them slows down. Most debris will ultimately collect in piles or masses that make air penetration much more difficult. As the coils struggle to pull in a sufficient amount of air, they are consuming greater amounts of energy and are working a lot harder. Any mechanical object that has to work harder to do its job runs the risk of burning out or dying prematurely. The coils of an air conditioning unit are certainly no different.

Clogs drain the unit’s ability to function at the capacity in which it was designed to. The natural consequences of this are higher energy use and damage. Protection from each is, of course, of great value to you as well as the planet.

How Does Kleen-Screen Offer Such Protection?

The Kleen-Screen can provide excellent protection against the debris that often clogs the coils. In essence, it is a filtration system that can be made to fit any of the standard home or business units perfectly so that the protection goes all the way around and leaves no gaps at the top or the bottom.

As a filter, it blocks that passage of things like leaves, twigs, debris caused by germinating plants, pet hair, and the grass or lawn clippings that get caught in the wind. The filter action significantly reduces the amount of debris that can enter into the unit and cause damage. It is a very simple system that solves a complicated problem. This makes it remarkably user friendly and great for people with busy schedules.

The Kleen-Screen gives you the power to protect your investment without demanding complex installation or constant maintenance. Cleaning the debris from the screen only takes a minute. Customers do not need to hire anyone to install the system as it can be set up in just minutes with nothing more than a pair of scissors.