The Earth Friendly Kleen Screen

The Earth friendly Kleen Screen has been held to the standards set by a study done by Pacific Gas and Electric as has been outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program. The product’s ability to reduce air conditioning energy use by as much as 30% is a unique quality. Many of today’s energy efficient products only reduce energy consumption by about 10 to 15%.

Every home improvement that you make can be done with the health of the planet as one of your priorities. In a world of dwindling natural resources, the energy saving resources that can be pulled together are vital to maintaining a prosperous tomorrow. As more people find the products that offer a high energy saving value the hope for the future becomes clearer.

Air conditioning condensers can be responsible for as much as half of your summer energy use. Reducing your entire consumption by 30% can bring down your monthly electric bill significantly. That is the beautiful relationship between green products and home improvement projects that utilize them. The more you do to protect the planet the more money you save as well.

The Kleen Screen does its share by giving your condenser the ability to continuously run at maximum efficiency. This means that by keeping your coils clean and the debris out of the condenser unit, you are removing the problem that drains the efficient operation of the unit. This is great solution because you do not have to replace or repair anything, you simply have to set it up to allow maximum efficiency.

The air conditioning condenser reaches maximum efficiency in a few ways. First, it prevents damage and wear and tear. When the debris enters the condenser it settles throughout the coils. The excessive debris creates slow but progressive damage every time the unit runs. Each element in the condenser then has to work extra hard to keep up with the demand. This naturally decreases efficiency.

Without the debris the coils are free to run easily at their maximum capacity. This actually produces cooler air. By producing cooler air the requested room temperature set on the thermostat is reached faster and with less effort. The condenser is not running as long or as hard as it would when it has to deal with the excessive debris.

The air flow is exactly as it should be without the debris blocking the path. This makes the job of the condenser much easier, thereby reducing the effort it takes for the cooling process. Maintaining a clean condenser will allow the air flow to remain at peak capacity and help improve efficiency as well.

When you combine all the ways preventing clogged coils really helps to reduce energy consumption you can start to see why the energy savings can be so significant. The affordable Kleen Screen is one of the easiest ways to cut energy expenditure while preserving one of your most expensive appliances. This is why the Kleen Screen is considered an environmentally friendly addition to your air conditioning system.