What Kleen-Screen Can Do For Energy Saving

As an energy saving product the Kleen-Screen is quite powerful. It can reduce your warm weather energy bill by up to thirty percent. This can potentially be hundreds of dollars over the cooling season. It does this by promoting optimal function of the air conditioning compressor and enhancing the cooling capacity.

It does not matter how new or old your unit may be. The Kleen-Screen air conditioning condenser filtration system can help extend the life of both old and new units by performing equally on either of them. Older units that are protected now can possibly last several years longer than it would without filtration. Older units will also benefit from the reduction in energy use.

Energy consumption is one of the biggest problems facing households today. The electric bill that continues to grow creates financial stress on families everywhere. The overwhelming costs can put families in jeopardy as they begin to make choices about what must be paid and what can wait. Even middle class and upper middle class families can find themselves with an electric bill that hurts their financial wellbeing.

The Kleen-Screen can provide nearly anyone with the kind of reduction in their energy use that they need. Saving as much as thirty percent can free families from having to make those choices or feeling the impact of the total cost of their energy use.

Most families do not realize that the obstructions that are caused by debris inside the condenser have such a significant impact on the amount of energy it takes to run the air conditioning unit. What seems like a small issue can actually be highly problematic. Without addressing this issue with a direct solution the energy use continues to climb.

How Debris Drives Up the Cost of Cooling

Once you realize just how easy it is for airborne debris to find its way inside the condenser the energy difference becomes much clearer. It takes only the wind, or even a small breeze, to allow debris to infiltrate the system.

While it is very easy for this debris to enter the housing, it is not easy for it be blown back out. Between the obstructions that it has to be moved around and the lack of a constant breeze hitting inside the unit, you can pretty much count on the idea that what goes in doesn’t always come out.

Why Will Kleen-Screen Help?

The innovative idea that brought the Kleen-Screen into existence came from the very obvious need to block the grass, fluff from dandelions and other plants, and other general airborne debris. Families that are looking for environmentally friendly ways to save money will love the results they get with this product.

By acting as a filter the amount of debris that is drawn from the air can actually be seen. Looking at the screening after only a day or two can give you the evidence you need in regards to how much protection you are really getting. The screen must be cleaned occasionally which involves nothing more than wiping off the outside of filter. With nothing more than your hands and a pair of kitchen scissors you can add the Kleen-Screen and then watch the rate of debris collection. In the end, the energy saved by households adds up to provide greater energy options for tomorrow.