Your Energy Bill and Kleen Screen

Summertime is filled with the smells of flowers, earth, and fireflies, assuming that you could smell fireflies. The air is alive with dandelion fluff and last week’s grass clippings, which is why Kleen Screen is an essential part of getting your summertime energy bill under control. The general debris which makes magical movie scenes also clogs the air conditioning condenser and wreaks havoc on your electric bill.

Not only does flying debris pose a risk of damage to the air conditioning unit, but it also inhibits function. When your unit kicks on it must run nearly twice as long when the coils are clogged with dandelion fluff and grass clippings. If it is running for nearly twice as long, that means it is costing you nearly twice as much on your electric bill. Not only that, but clogged coils impacts the unit’s ability to provide colder air.

The easiest fix is the application of a Kleen Screen. This is a protective barrier that wraps around the unit and protects it from all the summertime wonders that are floating through the air. The dirt, debris, and general mayhem cannot penetrate the screen and thus you maintain a higher degree of efficiency. This translates into a lower bill every month. It is one of the small essentials in life that makes everything operate better. Cooler air and a more effective unit turn hot summer days into comfortable, cost effective indoor moments.

Damage to the air conditioning condenser is a big deal. It can be very expensive to fix and often even triggers the need for a full unit replacement if it is a bit older. The tragedy of this, of course, is that it could be prevented with a very simple but effective product that will have you breathing cooler air in no time.

Energy use is a big problem today. The cost of just turning on a light has gone up significantly. The constant use of a central air system tends to drive up costs much more than necessary because it is not well understood that you have to maintain clean coils for effective cooling. Anyone who has an electric furnace understands that this is the time of year you are supposed to get a break on your energy costs. Yet, every month you are opening the bill only to see an increase over what you used to pay. It is easy to assume that the cost of using energy is responsible for the increase. The reality is that the real culprit may be your air conditioning condenser.

The problem comes with a solution that just about anyone can apply. Clean the area well or have the coils professionally cleaned. Do not reach in and try to clean the coils yourself even if you have an access panel. You then size the screen, cut it to fit, and wrap it around for the best protection against the mayhem that floats in the air and clogs the coils. You do not need a screwdriver. You don’t even need a drill. Just a simple pair of kitchen scissors will do along with the desire to watch your electric bill dwindle. The Kleen Screen gives you the entire solution without any hassle. It can’t get any simpler than that.