What Makes the KleenScreen Different?

If you look at the KleenScreen you may not immediately see all the unique characteristics that make the design different. It is more than just a wrap around screen. While it does the job of a protective screening system it is also one of the most well thought out energy saving products for your home.

First, there is no drilling for installation. You do not have to fasten and kind of hooks, snaps, or screws in order to get the energy saving benefits. It is magnetically charged so that when you wrap it around the condenser it locks itself into place. Because there is no need to attach any hardware, apartment renters can benefit from the lower cooling costs too. You leave behind no damage but you see the savings on your energy bill. Your landlord will appreciate the extra longevity that you added by using a KleenScreen.

Furthermore, trimming the edges to make it flush with the edge of the condenser is really very simple. A pair of scissors is the only tool you need to dig out, and then a simple snip around the overhanging piece will be enough to trim it up and make it look incredibly uniform. In fact, it looks like the unit came with the screen, so you do not have to contend with messy edges or annoying overhangs.

Naturally, the whole idea of using a screen kit is to ensure that the debris that you find in the air does not end up clogging coils and slowing down the effectiveness of the condenser. If you are catching the debris on the outside, then of course you will want to keep the outside clean so that you do not create a clog from the outermost points on the condenser. It takes literally less than a minute to wipe the outside clean. While the amount of debris in the air will ultimately determine how often you need to wipe it down, you will find that it is such an easy job that you barely notice it.

The end result is an easy maintenance plan on a system that is now going to avoid damage and run more efficiently. It is probably the easiest thing you can do to cut down on your energy use. Without simple products like this the toll over time can be significant on the air conditioning condenser as well as your wallet. Preventing damage is a much easier solution than fixing damage. Since you can have the whole thing installed in less than five minutes you are getting an extremely high return on your investment.

The KleenScreen is a one size fits all kind of product, but if you have multiple units to cover you want to order a single screen for each unit. You are trimming them to size but the screen itself should be one solid wrap around piece. This is how you get the most out of the product without any of the usual hassles. In the end, you get the easiest solution and the best return for a very small investment.